More sites I love


Here are a few of the review sites, other than Influenster that I am a member of and love.

Vocalpoint is a great one that is not only a review website but a community as well. They have recipes, tips, all kinds of stuff plus they occasionally send out products for you to try. These range from samples to full sizes.

Houseparty is another fun site but it is harder to get products. When I first signed up, it was easy to get chosen for the parties but as they have grown, it gets harder and harder. But in the past, when I was chosen, I received enough things in my boxes for 11-12 people to come to the houseparty. They have different parties, toys, cleaning, makeup,etc. And all you have to do is promise to have the party on the given day, upload pics showing the party, and let them know how much fun you had!

Shespeaks is a lot like Vocalpoint but just for the ladies. They don't offer products as much as Vocalpoint, but they are still great products when they do.

All of these sites are free to sign up and be a member of. So go sign up today and start filling your mailboxes with free stuff!


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