Food Lion

Food Lion is my main grocery store. I used to shop Wally World but my hubby doesn't like their meat selection. And I'm supposed to shop Kroger since my dad and stepmom work for them but unless you are doing A LOT of coupons, it gets really expensive there. And at Food Lion, I can usually keep our bill down and I love the coupon machine that they have now that prints 1-2 sheets of coupons when you walk in. I had to share because I was tickled with one of the coupons last night. I don't know if it'll print today but I got it from the kiosk when you walk in and it's for laundry soap. If you buy 1 100 oz Wisk or 1 124 oz All laundry soap, (normally 9.99) on sale for 7.99, you got a 32 oz Snuggle any fragrance free! Even the Snuggle Exhilarations! I normally buy the powdered but for this deal I had to get the liquid, which is fine. I was tickled. So see if you're Food Lion prints that coupon for you!


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