About Baking Soda....

I know there are a lot of posts out there singing the praises of baking soda and the many varied uses. But I have only used it in cleaning. It's a great scrubber, very safe for non-stick surfaces, great in laundry, etc. But I had never used it as a beauty aid. I have struggled with acne for years. Especially when I'm under stress, my skin goes crazy and looks terrible. I have tried acne systems, salicylic acid products, you name it, and had some success but it never lasted. I had read a post somewhere the other day about taking 1 tsp of baking soda, mixing with your regular face wash and using it every morning. Just once a day. I can sooooo do that kind of routine. I have to say since I started using it, my pores have just about disappeared, my skin is so smooth, and the blemishes I had are shrinking so quickly!!! I am so excited about this! Who knew it would be this easy? I will post later more about this versatile wonderful product and more uses for it!!!


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