A review for the canines..

This is my dog, Kojack. Over the last 3-4 years, he has had skin issues every summer and very dry skin all year round. I told you a little about that in my post about blue Dawn. But last year I tried switching his food because I had read that could be causing it. We tried the really expensive food, we tried Blue, you name it. Some of the expensive ones he just wouldn't eat. You would think a dog that noses in trash wouldn't be picky. But go figure. Enter his new favorite brand...
Purina Be Happy comes in 2 flavors, beef and chicken. Kojack loves both. It's reasonably priced at about 11$ for a 20 lb bag, depending on what store you buy it in. I get it at Food Lion and it's about 10. It doesn't give him any issues at all. I have no trouble getting him to eat it and I have always trusted Purina. My mom used to only feed her cat Purina Cat Chow. So loyalty to this company goes way back. I highly recommend this food and there is a Be Happy cat line too!
I have in no way been compensated for this review. I am just sharing my love for Purina.


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