My favorite freebie sites

I have a few freebie sites that I follow regularly that I thought I would share with you. A couple are freebie plus coupons. I'm not anywhere near an extreme couponer, I clip them every Sunday and save on average 10-15$ a week, but the sites I follow do help in finding the best deals.

Coupons/Freebies- The first one is This is an extreme couponer who was on TLC's Extreme Couponing who is fabulous when it comes to tracking down deals and freebies. She also has a coupon database, teaches coupon classes, etc.

The second is She also has a coupon database, is wonderful on keeping up on deals, freebies and coupons.


Straight freebies- This is straight freebies. Updated all the time. Another straight freebies. Not updated as much as the other, but pretty regularly.


Those are my regular ones. I get freebies in the mail all the time from these resources. I will also post later on survey and product testing websites that I'm a member of.



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